Performing Groups

The musicians and dancers of Obo Addy Legacy Project are living examples of the strength of African performing arts. Our repertoire, featuring the yesterday, today and tomorrow of Ghanaian cultural arts, creates an aural and visual history of Ghana. Using the repertoire taught by Obo, Obo Addy Legacy Project takes you on this journey through Ghana, West Africa, through its two performing ensembles: Okropong and Obo Addy Drummers.

Obo Addy’s Okropong :
Traditional Music and Dance of Ghana

drummers at MaryhillOkropong meaning “eagle” in Obo Addy’s native Ga language, performs traditional Ghanaian dance and music chosen from the various ethnic cultures in Ghana, including Ga, Ewe, Ashanti, Dagomba and Dagarti. Using a variety of hand and stick drums, talking drums, bells and shakers, the musicians build layers of driving rhythms while the dancers, clad in colorful West African garments, engage in an energetic physical “conversation” with the drummers. At the end of each concert, both musicians and dancers engage the audience in a spirited call and response, celebrating that shared experience with them through song and dance.

The Obo Addy Drummers


Focusing on the drumming and singing of Ghana, the musicians bring rich harmonies and complicated rhythms to represent the Ghanaian traditions. The music represents many of the ethnic groups within the country and the use of different drums shows the diversity of instrumentation. This show works well when space is an issue.

  rehersal 5-13