The musicians and dancers of Obo Addy Legacy Project are living examples of the strength of African performing arts.

 Our repertoire, featuring the yesterday, today and tomorrow of Ghanaian cultural arts, creates an aural and visual history of Ghana. Using the repertoire taught by Obo, Obo Addy Legacy Project takes you on this journey through Ghana, West Africa, through its two performing ensembles: Okropong and Obo Addy Tribute Band.

Okropong : Traditional Music and Dance of Ghana

This African drumming and dance troupe varies between 2-10 drummers and dancers depending on your request.  All the members of Okropong are from different regions of Ghana and will share the unique rhythms and dances from their respective area.  Okropong performers are our resident artists based in Portland who teach and present for all our cultural and educational programming.  Okropong’s high energy performances include fantastic drumming, amazing dancing and beautiful African songs from Ghana.  Performances can last between 20 minutes to ninety minutes.  Talk-backs can engage the audience about the instruments, history and culture of the heritage of the performers.

Obo Addy Tribute Band

This project includes former members of Portland’s only world beat band Kukrudu focusing on the original compositions of the late master drummer Obo Addy.   Personnel included in the performance will vary depending on availability of musicians and the group can range from six to ten musicians including vocals, electric guitar, electric bass, keyboard, horns and percussion.


Displaying the African cultural heritage of music in the Americas, this multi format performance interweaves traditional Ghanaian drumming and dance with world beat, urban and hip hop forms from the United States.  The performance includes drummers and dancers from Ghana with world beat musicians from all over and local hip hop artists, DJs and break-dancers from the Pacific Northwest.

Experience Senegal

Featuring Master Drummer Massamba Diop from Senegal this series of performances and/or workshops demonstrates the amazing drumming and music of Senegal as it also relates to the surrounding countries and cultures of Guinea, Gambia and Mali.  Discussions can focus on instrumentation, specific drums such as the Senegalese talking drum (known as the tama)

Performances can include Massamba individually or with a group of accompanying Senegalese and American musicians depending upon requests.   Also including a new solo project with Massamba and Portland based instrumentalist Adam Carpinelli.