DRUM Language Program

drumming-handsThe Dialogue of Rhythms and United Movement Language Program (DRUM)

is a culturally responsive and integrated holistic arts curriculum that connects African traditions to the roots of popular youth culture in the United States.

DRUM is an artistic production and residency program that powerfully demonstrates the direct cultural connections between African and African American cultures.  This program features a sequential curriculum and guest artists representing African music and dance, hip hop, rap, spoken word and drawing.

Teachers and artists provide an overview of traditional music, rhythms, movement, storytelling and singing from Ghana West Africa.  Ghanaian drumming and dancing is highlighted in order to encourage movement with physical exercise, team building and community engagement.  This promotes emotional and physical health and safety.

Primary goals of DRUM are to:  1) Share the historic roots of contemporary Black music and dance forms.  2) Introduce youth to an exciting program that brings together cultures in a positive way.  3) Help young people see the value of their own and all cultures and cultural expressions.  4) Engage youth through dynamic arts programming that highlights the depth, breadth and roots of popular culture.  5) Teach about media literacy and becoming culture creators rather than culture consumers.