Homowo African Arts & Cultures began as a dream…

quiltEstablished in 1986, Homowo African Arts and Cultures celebrated its 26th anniversary with a new name and a more focused direction for the organization. Hereafter known as The Obo Addy Legacy Project, the non-profit will carries forth the work begun by Homowo African Arts & Cultures while focusing on creating, performing and teaching African Arts following the vision of Obo Addy. Obo passed away on September 13, 2012 leaving this rich legacy for the Obo Addy Legacy Project to continue.

Addy was renowned as a leader, a teacher, an entertainer and an artist of numerous genres. Under his leadership and vision, the Obo Addy Legacy Project concentrated its efforts on producing major artistic performances, teaching in both K-12 schools and at the college level, and writing compositions.

“Through his music and teaching, Obo affected hundreds of thousands of lives in the Pacific Northwest and beyond,” said Susan Addy, executive director of The Obo Addy Legacy Project. “His legacy is being written through his commitment to share his talent with young people around the country.”obo-solo

Founded by Obo and Susan Addy in 1986, Homowo African Arts & Cultures originally existed as a virtual cultural center with offerings in schools, parks, community centers and performance venues all over the country. The Obo Addy Legacy Project continues Homowo’s valuable work of adding to the quality of life, the diversity and the creativity of the Northwest.

“The organization’s name has changed, but the vision of Homowo remains the same,” stated Susan Addy. “We will bring meaningful programs to communities encouraging cultural connections, providing a different view of the world and growing as a music and dance professional company as we reach world class status.”


Our Mission

Susan Addy
Executive Director

Obo Addy Legacy Project, based in the Northwest, provides the world with a non-profit organization which offers authentic experiences with the music and dance of Ghana, West Africa. We create cultural awareness and understanding through our educational offerings and performing groups that tour the world.